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MHCO Hunting Information

Read through the MHCO hunting information to learn more about our hunting trips. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have!

Season Dates

  • Archery: August 31 — September 29
  • Muzzleloaders (Draw Only): September 14 - September 22

Deer & Elk - Rifle

  • Limited Elk (First Season): October 12 — October 16
  • Limited Deer & Elk (Draw Only): November 13 —November 17
  • Combined Deer & Elk (Second Season): October 19 — October 27
  • Combined Deer & Elk (Third Season): November 2 — November 12

The Land

Experience true serenity and become connected to southwest Colorado's beautiful nature and scenery. You won't see any cars out here—federal law prohibits motorized vehicles in over 100,000 acres of hunting space.

Our Staff

We believe in disturbing our hunting territory as little as possible. Therefore, we typically provide one guide per two hunters. However, one-on-one hunting trips are available upon request. Additionally, we have wranglers and cooks on our staff to make your trip even better!

Our Camps

We love everything about a traditional Colorado hunt. Our base camp is set up for warmth and comfort in wall tents. It may not be a fancy lodge with hot showers and electricity, but it's the perfect location to leave your stress behind and live among nature. We aim to provide hunters with the resources they need to achieve their hunting goals. Our trips include:

  • A Five-Night Stay in the Our Comfortable Base Camp
  • All-Exclusive Hunting
    with Horses & Guides
  • Hearty Lunches & Suppers

Serene LandLarge Camp Tent


Because we provide such individualized services, our prices range depending on the experience you want. Contact us anytime for pricing inquiries. Please note that our prices do not include taxidermy, game processing, shipping of meat, or your license. However, there is no additional charge for packing game!

To officially reserve your spot in a camp, we require a 50% deposit and the return of two contracts: a medical information form and a waiver of liability.

Colorado Licensing Fees

  • Elk: $661.75 for a Non-Resident
  • Deer: $396.75 for a Non-Resident